Netflix Expands Gaming Possibilities by Conducting Beta Tests on PCs and TVs

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Netflix is taking its gaming initiative to the next level through beta tests on TVs and Computers.

Netflix, the most popular streaming app across the globe, is creating a platform for gaming experiences for gamers. With its recently launched ‘Netflix Game Controller app’, subscribers can enjoy the thrill of video games.

According to Mike Verdu, the company’s Vice President of Games, Netflix is currently testing a concise gallery of games for its subscribers.

Netflix has begun beta testing games on select members’ TVs and computers, aiming to revolutionize entertainment. The testing includes two games: ‘OXENFREE’ from the Night School Studio, a Netflix Gaming Studio, and ‘Molehew’s Mining Adventure’, a gem-mining arcade game.

Although these are the initial offerings of the testing phase, Netflix plans to expand and diversify its gaming library.

Netflix aims to make this new feature available on a wide range of devices globally. Currently, the games are compatible with Amazon Fire TV Streaming Media Player, Chromecasting on Google TV, NVIDIA Shield TV, LG TVs, Samsung Smart TVs, Walmart ONN, and Roku Devices & TVs. Netflix plans to expand this list and achieve an inclusive cloud gaming vision.

To experience Netflix gaming on TV, download the Netflix Game Controller App from the Play Store or Apple Store. Initially, it is compatible with iPhone users, requiring iOS 15 or later. Users can expect additional features and game offerings as gaming evolves.

Netflix entered the cloud gaming market in 2021, following other tech giants. The company’s model provides a gaming experience through its primary subscription, offering smooth gameplay and an ad-free environment. With recent game launches like ‘Laya’s Horizon’, ‘World of Goo Remastered’, and ‘OXENFREE II: Lost Signals’, Netflix is expanding its gaming portfolio.

While exploring the gaming field and creating a new gaming experience, Netflix is also cautious, learning from Google Stadia’s departure from the gaming scene.

The company understands the limitations of TVs, as the processors in them may restrict certain actions that disrupt the smooth running of complex games. Therefore, the initial beta testing phase on select devices ensures an enjoyable gaming experience for subscribers.

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