Blizzard’s Official Statement Regarding the Treasure Goblin Player Killing Bug in Diablo IV

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For those wondering if this is a bug or not, Blizzard has acknowledged that it is a known issue and will be addressed in a future patch. The Diablo Treasure Goblin, who was once just a harmless player, seems to have taken inspiration from Golum himself. While Golum has a rich backstory and presence in his universe, Treasure Goblins lack lore. However, recently these mobile loot-dispensers have gone rogue and players in Diablo IV have been killed by random treasure goblins. This has caused frustration among players, as losing hours of gameplay due to an unavoidable event is not enjoyable. It can make players feel like their time is running out quickly. Death in the game is especially devastating for Hardcore characters, as it is a permanent loss. Some players have shared their experiences on the Diablo IV forum, mentioning that high-level characters have died unexpectedly due to the combination of Death Pulse and treasure goblins. It is believed to be a bug, as these characters were well-equipped to handle the situation.


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